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Deep Dive - The Pawn and the Puppet

Deep Dive - The Pawn and the Puppet

New year, new bullshit, same deep dives into horribly written books filled with problematic, harmful things! 

This will be a deep dive, spoiler review of the fantasy, dystopian, dark romance novel: The Pawn and the Puppet by Brandi Elise Szeker. I have a deep dislike for this book, I do not recommend it to anyone. It contains harmful misrepresentation of mental illness, violent and graphic transphobia and embarrassingly bad writing. 

T R I G G E R    W A R N I N G S:
transphobia, misrepresentation of mental illness, murder, kidnapping, gratuitous violence, depression, suicide, torture, domestic violence, eating disorder, hallucinations, misogyny, poisoning, sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, romanticizing of mental illness, gore, death of loved one, child abuse, decapitation, female oppression, hostage situation, body shaming, panic attacks, misrepresentation of trans people, emotional trauma, child sexual assault, child sex trafficking and incest.

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