Thanks for stopping by the blog to get to know us a bit better. You will mainly be dealing with me (Natalie) but my best friend (Hannah) will occasionally pop up too. Allow me to introduce us and Weirdo Book Club, the newsletter!

Meet the Weirdos

As I said, my name is Natalie and I am a fully time content creator and mom. I’m also a digital artist, avid mood reader, occasional gamer and constant loud talker. I can usually be found on YouTube reviewing books or live streaming gameplay and I hope to use a bit of my energy this year to cultivate a cool, bookish newsletter for you! My favorite genres to read are horror, thriller, supernatural historical fiction and the occasional romance (don’t tell anyone.)

Hannah is a Virgo, animal lover and the “does this come in purple?” best friend we all deserve. She heads up the more behind the scenes side of this whole ordeal. Mainly, she keeps the book club running smoothly and we can’t thank her enough for that! Her favorite genres are fantasy, YA and thrillers but she also really loves finding awful books for us to read together.

How’d We Get Here?

In early 2022, we began consistently doing buddy reads and Hannah suggested we start documenting all of our bookish adventures, just for fun! I heard this an within an hour, I had sent her usernames to choose from, a rough draft for a logo and secured a URL and Weirdo Book Club was born. It was only intended to be a blog, maybe an Instagram but now it’s a whole thing.

What Else Are You Up To?

You can find us on Instagram and BookTok. We also have the virtual book club if you want to come read with us! I started doing long format video reviews on YouTube and made a Discord too so we could keep the conversations going. And of course, the newsletter, which you are reading right now!

It’s so nice to meet y’all! Shoot us an email if you have any questions or just want to say hi. We look forward to connecting with you somehow, somewhere.

xo Natalie and Hannah

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